Founder of Sicko Filmz in 2009. Brandy Hines is a graduate of Full Sail University & Writer / Director of "Charlie". She is currently in pre-production of Sicko Filmz new feature film, "The Maze" (due to funding). & is currently working on a prequel to "The Maze", currently untitled, which is planned on being shot this summer in San Antonio, Texas. Brandy is an avid lover of the gore & horror genre & is completely hands on when it comes to creating & designing costumes & on set gore effects for Sicko Filmz. Brandy also has 15+ years in the audio industry, & specializes in Foley Art & Sound Design (see TRIBE ONE SOUNDZ for an extended profile) (also visit
ALBERTO A. BARRAGAN - Camera & Lighting

A soon-to-be graduate of San Antonio College in the Radio,
Television & Film Department, Beto has been involved in
many student productions, including having his own radio showat KSYM 90.1 FM and doing camera and lighting work on the Sicko Filmz production of "Charlie". He is also a musician in
the San Antonio music scene in a horror-influenced band which,
along with himself and other members, helped to score the short
film "Charlie" along with other talented musicians in the San
Antonio area. Being a fan of horror films at an early age, Beto
always wanted to be a part of a horror film, with a small taste
of being a part of one while making "Charlie", he's taken whathe's learned from that experience and has joined Sicko Filmz,
hungry for more horror!

A Recording Arts graduate of Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida, Tribe One has mastered the ProTools and Avid editing systems, as well as Final CutStudio and Edius. Tribe One has been in the audio
industry for 15+ years and has worked on multiple
feature productions as a Production Sound Mixer &
Boom Oerator, as well as done Sound Design & Editing
on various platforms. Tribe One is trained on analog
recorders such as the Nagra 3 and most digital units
including Nagra 4 with orb drive & Nagra V digital.

A master visual effect artist, who has eagerly jumped on board this twisted production team at Sicko Filmz.